Supported devices and configurationΒΆ

Napalm-logs can process syslog messages from the following network operating systems:

To see how to configure the network device, check the documents referenced above. Note that the examples in each case represents the configuration used to send the syslog messages over UDP to a certain IP address and port. Remember that napalm-logs is able to receive the messages over UDP (by default), as well as via other channels - see Listener. While napalm-logs can be the UDP endpoint configured to receive the messages straight from the network device, there is no standard configuration, setup or architecture for the rest of the Listeners, but rather it depends very much on how you want to design your own use case.

Napalm-logs is able to publish messages from unidentified operating systems (or partially parsed messages), but this behaviour is disabled by default. To allow publishing messages from operating systems that are not supported yet by napalm-logs (but they will not be parsed at all), you can configure the send_unknown: False option on the publisher (i.e., send_unknown: true). To publish partially parsed messages from supported operating systems, but without a mapping for a certain class of messages, you can use the send_raw: False option.